Review Policies

I enjoy/prefer reading:

  • Young Adult (YA)
    • Fantasy
    • Science Fiction
    • Contemporary
  • Comic Books / Graphic Novels
  • Manga (Japanese comics)
  • Literary Fiction
  • New Adult

I don’t enjoy/don’t read a lot of:

  • Horror
  • Mystery/Thrillers/Suspense
  • Romance
  • Children’s

I don’t accept every book sent to me; I will inform them on whether or now I choose to read and review their book. If I do choose to accept the book/books, a review will be posted on this site,, and Goodreads. I will also post a mini review on Twitter.

Formats I accept:

  • Physical (ARCs and/or finished copies)
  • E-Book (PDF, EPUB)

Miscellaneous information:

  • I review using the sandwich technique (positive feedback – criticism – positive feedback) and will be honest when pointing out which parts of the book I enjoyed or could use improvement.
  • I will respond to review requests, even if I am not interested.
  • I post every Monday, 4p.m BST, but depending on how much free time I have at the time, the time in which I read the book and write the review will vary.

You contact me via my contact page on this site or by emailing me directly at