“Every time I read a book, it’s like the author stole a part of me that I thought only I knew. Someday I’m going to write a book and do it to somebody else.”

Hello, Dev here! I hail from Indonesia and I’m a creative writing and publishing student at Bath Spa University. Welcome to my blog!

This is my first proper blog—I mean, I do have a Tumblr, so perhaps that should count for something, but it’s a heaping mess of fandoms, aesthetic, and memes at this point so no one will ever take it seriously—and I will use it strictly for lengthy, coherent posts about . . . my life in general, I suppose, and anything else that comes in between.

So as any newbie blogger would, I read up on how to get started with your blog and a majority of them told me to ‘find my niche’ . . . yeah, I don’t really have one. Reading and writing are the closest to it that I can think of, but I’ve never been a fan of restricting any of my social media outlets to just one particular pastime. So instead, this blog will be dominated by a clusterfuck of my interests, namely:

  • The art of writing, specifically prose (and to narrow it down further, speculative fiction and magical realism and poetry (prose poetry, performance poetry, and anything to do with extended metaphors)
  • Writing reviews (for books, movies, video games, anything I’m in the mood for)
  • Vlogging (you can find my vlogs on my YouTube channel)
  • Photography
  • Travelling
  • Feminism, social justice, and media representation
  • Personal life stories (think Humans of New York)

So expect all of that on here! And with that, I bid adieu—for now.

Until next time,

(Updated 6 November 2016)