April 2017

I have a headache at the moment and I keep forgetting to take Paracetamol. I’ll get some as soon as I finish typing this paragraph. Be right back.


I went to PRIDE for the second time running. I didn’t write about it last year because I didn’t have a blog yet then. And like any PRIDE event, here people of every background and orientation come together and celebrate their individuality. I came in the dress I wore last year, which is basically reminiscent of the asexual flag—which is the orientation I identify with—but with more make up (considering that I am way better at it now than I was last year). I don’t know if you can tell in the pictures but I attempted rainbow eyeshadow—minus the purple because I don’t have enough eyelid space for all the colours, so the purple goes on my lips instead—and got so many compliments for it. Then it just kept growing when I had my face painted.

Funny story, lady who was responsible for it was so impressed with her own artwork (she was apparently, and I quote, ‘inspired) that she asked if she could take a picture of me for her website. Needless to say, I was flattered.

Courtesy of work incentives (or as I like to call it, bribery), my boyfriend and I got to spend a work day off and watch a Bath vs. Leicester rugby match in Twickenham. Basically, we were meant to do a Level 2 training assessment for work (which was probably meant to be done when you first started working, but management’s a whole load of crap here so no one properly got round to it) and whoever completed it would have a chance at winning the tickets (see what I mean by bribery?) Turns out, the only ones who’ve completed the assessment was me, the boyfriend and one of our co-workers. And that co-worker was the managers’ first pick—but she couldn’t make the day. So long story short, we got the tix.

Part of me wasn’t as hyped about the game as others would be—mostly because I’ve never been a fan of rugby (nothing personal, just was never properly introduced to it)—so I thought I won’t be having that much fun that day. Also it’s in Twickenham, the home of English football. The stadium, no doubt, is massive. According to the commentator (who was massively biased for Bath), there were about 61,000 people present that day. I’m surprised I wasn’t trampled once, to be honest. I don’t even think anyone accidentally stepped on my foot or vice versa. That’s miraculous enough for me.

I was proven wrong, though. Sure, the first half was rather disheartening because Bath was losing big time. But, boy, did they turn it around in the second half. The atmosphere was contagious, electrifying even. I found myself shouting and cheering for Bath more and more with each passing second, even if I had no idea what the heck was going on half the time (I have the boyfriend to thank for pointing out the terms and what to heck anyone was doing 95% of the time, even though he wasn’t too keen on rugby, either).

Speaking of days off with the boyfriend, we decided to pack up and spend a few days in Weston-super-Mare. Again, I have him to thank for the idea. He figured we deserve a little break (during spring break, no less) from all the stress brought about by work and uni/college assignments (even if we did end up doing bits of it whilst we were there, anyway). It was a pleasant four days spend mostly in arcades because a) it wasn’t particularly beach weather when we got there, and b) from what I can tell, that’s literally all Weston has to offer. God, the amount of money we spent at the arcades. Boyfriend spent nearly £20 (possibly more) at a claw machine trying to win me a Pikachu plushie. Cute at first, but quickly devolved into stupid. And then we had to spend money on food several times a day (depending on how hungry we were). It’s a good thing payday is every week for the both of us #noregrets.

not shown: how insane we got at the arcades 😁

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As for uni-related stuff, there isn’t much to say, really. I didn’t get to see my friends as often because I’ve been swamped with multiple deadlines and we just don’t have classes on the same days, anymore. The only highlight I can think of is that I created a magazine for one of my publishing modules. Granted, it was a team effort (I imagine that if this was an individual thing, I would’ve died of stress weeks ago) and, despite setbacks and endless procrastination, it ended up looking even more stunning and professional that I’d anticipated.

I’ve resumed exercising as of this month, as well—mainly swimming. I used to do it for a bit when I was in first year, then stopped due to my eternally innate laziness. Now I have Angelica as my swimming buddy. Don’t know why I ever stopped in the first place, really, even before first year. I’ve been swimming since I was four and it’s honestly one of the few things that I can say that, with full confidence, I’m absolutely amazing at. And every time I’m submerged in water, I can’t help but feel calm and relaxed. I guess it’s just the weightlessness whilst being in water and knowing that I have full control of my limbs and lungs. Or maybe it’s just because I’m really good at swimming.

Or both. Both is good.

But, in all honesty, the best part of swimming isn’t just that. It’s post-swim breakfast.


Finally, I realise that I haven’t been exercising my photography skills as much in the past couple of months. I’m slowly coming round to doing again. Hopefully I can keep it up in the coming months, especially since there are no more deadlines in my way.

one time i went for a walk round the cemetery next door

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I’ve been meaning to read the Sandman series for ages now. And I realise that this is, in fact, the prequel to said series. But at least it’s pretty.
I have a perfectly functioning swimsuit, but this one’s pretty (prettier on a hanger—or on me). So, naturally, I bought it.

Experimenting slightly with different kinds of make up products. I actually prefer these products to the ones I currently have.
Yes, I bought a recipe set on the Cooking Mama mobile game. Why? Because my childhood refuses to be squashed, that’s why.

My Demons – Starset
Pretty much everything on this playlist

We ought to have this at work.
It’s a lot to cover in one book.
No context needed.
Close enough.
You know, I keep seeing pictures of these signs all over the Internet. And I have a vague idea of where you might get to see it IRL. And yet I have never.
Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 22.24.04.png
I screamed.

If you’ve made it this far into my post, then thank you for reading! Hope none of you were made a fool in April and May the next month be better to you if it did. I’ll see you in my next post.

Until next time,


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