New Year’s Resolutions: Then and Now

The day has finally come. 2016 is finally coming to a close. And while I won’t be talking about how much of a shitshow it’s been for pretty much everyone, I will say something that I never thought I’d say before:

Kylie Jenner’s right, you guys. 2016 has been the year of realising stuff.

Yeah, you know it’s bad when I’ve started quoting Kylie Jenner, of all people. But there really isn’t any other way to put it. I’ve learned so much more about myself this year and accomplished things I never thought I could pull off. It was one hell of a rollercoaster year—and I’m surprised I didn’t vomit all the way down.

Nice image for you there.

But, anywho, as anyone who’s still motivated to do these kinds of things, I made a shit ton of resolutions at the end of 2015. The time has now come for some self-reflection.

  1. Complete the selfie-a-day challenge: Inspired by a friend of a friend. Considering the number of selfies I take a day sometimes, I thought this was going to be the easiest to achieve. My motivation slowly started to die in October and I’ve stopped doing it by the middle/end of November. Mood, I think, is the number one reason I stopped. Maybe it’s too repetitive and I got bored—I always get bored, though. Maybe I’m just not feeling myself for days in a row and I’m just not up for it anymore. Who knows? I will say, though, looking back at the selfies, I have changed loads. Not only physically, but I can tell how I’ve grown mentally as well. It’s weird, but in a good way.
  2. Complete the 365 day writing challenge: Yeah, this one went to shit almost immediately. And by that I mean end of January, I think. I did not take into account deadlines and how some of the prompts will potentially leave me uninspired.
  3. Make photography a hobby: If you read my monthly wrap ups, then you’d know that I did! Finally, one that I actually, properly accomplished!
  4. Become more involved with societies/events in uni: I was both consistent and inconsistent with this one. I became more particular with which societies and events I want to get involved in in my second year of university and even then I still didn’t show up to some of their socials, activities, etc. To be fair, it was because it clashed with other things and said other thing took priority. Lack of equipment (this is specifically for the mountaineering society) was also a factor. You’d think I’d be more dedicated to this.
  5. Read more books: Kind of? I mean, I took part in #ReadThemAllThon and read more books in a month than ever. But after that, my reading list just grew bigger and I was getting none of it out of the way. I blame deadlines and also pure, unadulterated laziness.
  6. Become a more positive influence to people around me: I can’t be sure about this one. I hope I did. MJ called me inspiring that one time and loads of people complimented not only my appearance, but my personality as well this year. So I think I did alright.
  7. Stop being so mean: Again, I have no verdict. I thought of ‘mean’ as in insult-y banter, but that’s just my kind of humour, to be honest. I think I should’ve been clearer and said ‘respect people’s boundaries when my jokes go too far’ or something. Then I can probably say I did okay, too.
  8. Open up more to people: I guess I did. I’ve definitely let people in on some stuff that I usually only tell extremely trusted people.
  9. Get to know my friends better: Boy, did we learn some stuff about each other. Why is this even on the list? This was bound to happen, anyway.
  10. Meet more wonderful people: That I did.
  11. Reconnect with friends whom I haven’t spoken to in ages: I did for a while in the summer. And then we didn’t. But we still know that the other exist and that we’ve had some good times together, so that’s good enough for me.
  12. Compliment people more often: I did this more towards the end of the year, when people started complimenting me more. Not as often as I want to, but progress.
  13. Be less afraid to look stupid: This… is hard. Because while my default mode is to not give a fuck about what other people think, it’s only limited to how people think I look. As in, physically. I found out this year that I might have social anxiety. And I don’t know if this knowledge has affected how I behave around people, but it’s definitely having some kind of effect on me. Good news is that despite my onslaught of negative thoughts like ‘nah, that was stupid of you’ and, to quote Hagrid, ‘I should not have said that’, I kept pushing on, anyway. Like it sounds cheesy when I put it like that, but I really believe that I am making progress, one way or another.
  14. Become more confident than I already am: This is a bold claim, isn’t it? 2015 Dev had no idea what 2016 had in store for her. True, I did become more confident in some ways, but I’ve also become more vulnerable, so that definitely played its part in how I see myself
  15. Maybe date idfk? HRAAAAAAARRGH: That incoherent noise at the end still stands. Except at the end of 2015, it was something like embarrassment at the thought of me in a relationship. Now, it’s more of the ‘fuck it’ variety. Can’t say I didn’t try. I’ve basically reverted back to my 16-year-old mentality, which really isn’t all that bad. The first time I ever thought to myself, ‘fuck it’, and rolled with it was at sixteen. So I’m honestly not that disappointed that nothing significant happened in the romance department. But if it does happen at some point next year or whenever, then it happens.
  16. Have a good year: Now this might sound like such an unpopular opinion, but hear me out: on a personal level, I really don’t think 2016 was a shit year. Like it was actually fairly okay. I’d give it a solid 7/10. I’ve changed loads, but all for the better. I made new friends and didn’t lose any of the ones I already have. It’s been good.

So concluding that, what did I decide on my resolutions this year?

  1. Compliment people more often: This resolution still stands. Complimenting people makes others (and myself) feel good and therefore it must be done more often.
  2. Learn to say goodbye: I don’t mean this in a ‘cut shitty people and let go’ kind of way. You may not know this about me, but I have so much trouble saying goodbye out loud that I usually just get up and leave. Clearly, that’s rude, but I don’t know why, for the life of me, I just can’t say it. But I will say that progress is being made. Mostly at work, where people just yell ‘Bye!’ at each other all the time when they leave. Slowly, I’ll learn.
  3. Stay fit: I said ‘stay’ and not ‘get’ because I’m already a nice shape and I’m happy with it. I just need to maintain that with exercise and healthy eating.
  4. Take up swimming and yoga again: because I used to do so much of it in the past and now I’ve just… stopped.
  5. Stop sleeping past my alarm: I don’t even press snooze; I just stop my alarm and then immediately go back to sleep. Bad Dev. Stop doing that.
  6. Read more: I’ve decided to challenge myself to PopSugar’s 2017 Reading Challenge (post about it will be up soon) to achieve this. Wish me luck because, boy, am I going to have a lot of reading to do.
  7. Read something before I sleep: In addition to the previous point, I will also be putting away my phone and reaching for a book before bed instead. It can be a few chapters or even an entire book if I’m keen on it. This is the least I can do for myself, especially if I don’t have time to read during the day.
  8. Write more: I’ve got ideas—I always do. The problem is they always stay in my head because I’m too intimidated to put them down on the page. That needs changing, stat.

And that’s all I have so far. Maybe if I think of something else, I’ll update this post. But I don’t want to include too much and end up not being able to achieve even half of them like last year. Bite size goals, people, that’s where it’s at. So for now, I’ll leave it at that.

If you’ve made it this far into my post, then thank you for reading! What are you resolutions for 2017? Or have you decided on the ‘fuck that’ route and see where the year takes you? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you in my next post.

Until next time,
Feliz Navidev 🎄


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  1. MJ Cobra says:

    Aw, you are very inspiring! I just commented that on another of your posts. xD I read the beginning part of this post when you first published it but had to stop for whatever reason. You’re so right, small goals are best and leave room for interesting development! It’s definitely good to steer yourself in a direction as well as let life take you somewhere. Life’s all about balance. 🙂 I hope you have a great year, my friend! Your goals are great.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dev. says:

      Thank you so much! Your words mean so much to me and they make my day 😄 I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do better with my resolutions this year. I’ve kept it relatively simple, so I’m hoping it’ll turn out alright. And exactly, whilst I do have an image of what I want my life to be like and be in control of it, you gotta go with the flow sometimes and set your course towards that.
      Have a blessed 2017 to you, too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. MJ Cobra says:

        Sometimes simple is best, and it’s never too late to add new goals or edit them! I’m cheering you on! 👏


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