Welcome to my crib!

So I said in September (I think?) that I would make a room tour post. It’s finally here. I figured three months was enough for me to finally break in and settle. Also I figured I need to post something after disappearing for, what, two weeks? My bad. You can blame my uni deadlines for my accidental hiatus.

Anyway, I’ve held you back long enough. Welcome (kind of) to my crib!


I took these pictures over a month ago. “So why didn’t you write this post then?” you ask.

Because chronic laziness, my friend.

My room’s a studio flat and it looks nothing like this now. I own slightly more stuff and at this point, everything is either on the bed, the floor, or the spare chair. Currently, though, there is nothing on my bed but me.

Two fun facts: I live in Room 11 (we were allowed to choose which rooms we want and I chose 11 because I like that number) and it’s right next to the bin room. Pretty convenient, if you ask me. Also appropriate. I’m trash, but not so much that I don’t actually belong amongst them. Hmm.


Left: the front door; recycling bins; some thingy for fire safety, I guess; the toilet door
Right: a rack of shoes (what’s missing: my work shoes because I was still jobless when I took these pictures); a laundry bag/basket; a tiny glimpse of my collection of belts

Top: my wardrobe (I’ve bought more and donated some since)
Bottom: extra, pull out cupboards that contains my massive collection of beanies (that will probably never stop growing), undergarments, and spare amenities like towels and blankets and shit

Left: overview of my bathroom sans shower; also me
Right: hygiene thingies

Me trying to take a picture of my full-length mirror and show off my sad looking collection of photographs whilst trying to hide my face because I don’t want to seem too narcissistic


The kitchen, in which I forgot to put my dishes away but at least they’re clean. Also me, again, but with a slightly dented head.

And if you’re wondering what’s inside those two cupboards…

Left: my fridge usually has more food than that
Right: more hygiene thingies, like laundry detergent and toilet bleach, that will probably kill me if I put them anywhere near my face


The counter across the kitchen. Currently, it is filthy. I’ve also bought a shit ton more food to fill up that empty space on the bottom left. Also those blueberry wheats are long gone.

Left: breakfast bar that I’ve turned into a little makeup station because I need somewhere to beat my face and I always eat at my desk or in bed anyway; also a small glimpse of my collection of photos with friends and family
Right: collection of makeup, which have surprisingly stayed more or less the same despite the one month gap between when these pictures were taken and now


My desk (also a chair and my backpack), which looks nothing like this now because I am a slob. I was also watching Your Lie in April in the middle of all this. Also I never use the TV because I don’t really care for it. I didn’t even know there was going to be one installed when I first moved in. The pictures look cute, though.

Left: side of desk I use often. contains a slide-y shelf thingy with all my folders, documents, and miscellaneous crap; extension cord and phone charger; good luck charm for studies Kelly got me before we left for uni; and a Simple Plan VIP tag from when I had a meet and greet with them in September (still can’t believe that happened)
Right: side of desk I neglect more often than I should. contains a shit ton of stationery; dictionary and editing guidebook that I’ve never cracked open once; a folder containing all the pieces of paper that proves my identity. like birth certificate and shit.

Tiny bookshelf right below the neglected side of desk.
Top left: two sets of playing cards, an unopened package containing a copy Zoo City but in German, an extra extension cord, packaging for my earphones (that I still keep for some reason)
Top right: my extra pair of glasses and sunglasses in their respective cases, my DSLR and its charger, spare pencil case
Bottom two: BOOKS! It’s a small collection, I know, but I used to read eBooks in the past because they’re more cost effective. I’ve bought more and have also been gifted some, though, which is nice.


Tiny portion of room between my bed and the window that contains my violin (that I’ve yet to do anything with), a scale, and my suitcases.

The best place on Earth: my bed. Nothing much to say about it, to be honest. I spend a lot of time in it—too much, in fact. The pictures are still going strong, but the walls are barren as all hell. And that is the only set of sheets I own.

Crap on the shelf behind my bed. I own many trinkets. I’ll only name the things on the left picture because you can see more things on there (from top to bottom):
– reading light
– Mr. Bump plushie
– red panda plushie (that doesn’t really look like the real thing)
– box of tissues (that I threw away ages ago because I was miserably ill one time)
– my retainers
– my keys and its many keychains
– a tiny model of a Scandinavian ship that my Danish friend gave me from when I went there on an exchange program
– a wooden tiger figurine that Della gave me in year four
– Death (from Soul Eater) ring
– my fingerless gloves
– my watch
– Pikachu car that my mum bought me
– Wonder Woman POP! figure that Levi bought me as an extremely belated birthday present
– Hoptimist with the Danish flag on it from the same Danish friend

And there you have it!

If you’ve made it this far into my post, then thank you for reading! I hope you had a nice time having a look inside my living quarters. I’ll see you all in my next post and I hope I won’t have anymore accidental hiatuses in the future 😅

Until next time,
Feliz Navidev 🎄


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  1. MJ Cobra says:

    Trinkets are the best! You have a nice collection… I love the Pikachu car. Your pictures are nice too. 🙂 The studio looks awesome and very clean. I understand how stuff gets crazy though. My apartment was always a mess too. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dev. says:

      Clean in the pictures that I took months ago. It is a pigsty atm 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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