November 2016

November was the month of chill—ish. It’s also the month I surprised myself by not getting lung cancer. Surprising, considering that I constantly find myself surrounded by smokers for some fucking reason.

And no, I don’t regret posting this after my Moana review. Moana deserves the first spot in December. Moana deserves everything.


This deserves the first mention: I got a job! As a chef, of all things!

Honestly, this was all pure coincidence. I was handing out CVs all over the centre and they just offered me a trial shift on the spot. To which I responded with “….okay, sure?”

So one trial shift and an hour of paperwork later, I am employed.

And this I feel is worthy of second place: I’m finally starting the process of getting an ADHD diagnosis. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this on this blog before. If I haven’t, now you know. Long story short, I had a hunch that I have it since I was in year . . . ten? But I brushed it off as potent laziness since I have little to zero interest in school. And then I went to uni and didn’t think much of it in first year as I, again, brushed it off to transitioning to not only from a) high school to university/adulthood and also b) moving to completely different continent.

Then second year rolled around and I realised things were not as I thought they were. So after countless hours of research (including stuff about sensory overloadauditory processing disorder, and social anxiety—all of which I probably also suffer from) and talking to a friend who is also in the process of getting a diagnosis, here we are.

And here I thought my mental health disorder days were over. What a fool I was.

On a happier note, I had more sleepovers:

Lots of food was involved, as you can tell.

More study sessions also occurred:

One time I had a movie night with my friends:

Movie night in uni with the disciples 😎 #scream #horror #movienight #uni

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This was one of my assignments for my publishing course:

Context: this is a chapter about physicians and healers (and a whole bunch of other occupation in the medical category) and I basically need to cut out multiple chunks of text to make it sound coherent. And if I had a pound for every time the word ass (or the likes of it) was mentioned, I’d be stinking rich.

I did a bit more photography when I could:

i love autumn 🍂

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And people were big on compliments this month. All of which I read then grinned like an idiot for the next hour or so.


Lookin’ fly.

I really like beanies, okay?

I also really like liquid lipstick
These are all for essay purposes. I cry.


Beneath Your Beautiful (feat. Emeli Sandé) – Labrinth
Farewell – Alan Menken
Hurts – Emeli Sandé
Let Me Hear – AmaLee
Memories of Gondoa – Joe Hisaishi
Moonlight Sonata Remix – Kurt Hugo Schneider (I swear he’s like the most talented musician on this planet right now)
Next to Me – Emeli SandéNext to Me – Emeli Sandé
Pazu’s Fanfare – Joe Hisaishi
Prologue – Alan Menken
Stones Glowing in the Darkness – Joe Hisaishi
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky – Joe Hisaishi
The Moana soundtrack
The Saltwater Room (feat. Breanne Düren) – Owl City (loved this song for ages, but been listening to it loads recently)
Your Lie In April OPs + EDs Medley – Dima Lancaster & AmaLee
#Ham4Bey – Michael Korte

I’d say ‘protect Jackie Chan at all costs’ but I’m pretty sure he’s capable of doing that himself
My life
Showed this to my non-binary friend and they loved it
If a snail can find love, then what’s stopping me?
A friend showed me this and I pissed myself. There’s so much going on and yet what’s happening?

More gripping than any action movie I’ve watched tbh.

I was in tears, though I’m not sure for what reason.

Romance is alive.


If you’ve made this far into my post, then thank you for reading! I hope you all had a great November. We have one last month before this disaster of a year ends. I’ll see you all then.

Until next time,
Feliz Navidev 🎄


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  1. Congrats on getting a job!!! I know how hard it can be trying to sort out your mental health so it’s awesome that you’ve taken those steps and I hope everything goes well ♥ I haven’t been officially diagnosed with an attention disorder, but I never have any kind of focus or attention span ect. so I can definitely relate to what you’ve been through on some degree. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Also, you’re so pretty and you’re totally rocking that blue lipstick 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dev. says:

      Thank you so much! Hope you’re doing well, too 😀


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